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Terms of Engagement
Your Safe Harbour abides by the BACP Ethical Framework. A copy of this may be found on the BACP website.

All client information is protected by the counsellor/psychotherapist and will be treated with confidentiality and respect.

Should a disclosure become necessary, in the case of a child being at risk of physical, sexual or emotional abuse, or neglect; or if the client is about to commit an act of terrorism; or the client, or someone else named by the client, is at serious and immediate risk of death or severe injury, then the therapist/counsellor has the obligation to disclose this information to the appropriate agencies. This would always be discussed with the client in the first instance, wherever possible.

Should a date and time be agreed with a client, the counsellor/psychotherapist will attend the session unless it is cancelled by either party at the earliest opportunity. If an incident should arise where the therapist is absent and has not notified the client then no payment will be due for that session. If the session is cancelled by the counsellor in advance then an alternative date and time may be arranged, or the client may choose to wait until the next regular session and not pay for the cancelled session, whether or not a new time was offered. If the client cancels a session, they will still have to pay for the missed session, and if offered a new time/day they would also pay for this session.

Counsellors/psychotherapists will give as much notice as possible before taking holidays so as to enable clients to arrange their own holidays at the same time, should they choose. No payment is expected when the counsellor is away.

If the client wishes to end their sessions early, they may do so at any time.

If the client wishes to end their contract with the counsellor they may do so at any time. If they tell the counsellor/psychotherapist during a session, that they wish to end, then they will be offered the opportunity of a closing or final session the following week. If they refuse the offer then they are not liable for payment the following week. We would always recommend that a final arranged session is attended as it will give both the client and the counsellor/psychotherapist a chance to finish any unfinished work. If the client does not notify the counsellor/psychotherapist during the previous session, or fails to come to an agreed final session then a bill will be sent to the client and payment for the final session should be paid within 14 days.

Information about clients is kept safe and under lock and key and will be destroyed after 7 years or on the death of the counsellor/psychotherapist.

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